What makes MobOff Bolt-On Sliders the Best?



There has been some confusion associated with Mobtown Offroad’s No Drill Bolt-On Rock Sliders. Some mistakenly think that they are merely running boards that look like rock sliders (faux rock sliders). In this post we will discuss why this misconception is inaccurate and why purchasing bolt-on slider from Mobtown Offroad will make you the coolest person on the trail.

Aren’t These Just Running Boards?

Short story…..Hell No! These are the big, bad rock sliders. They are intended for extreme punishment (they like it rough!).

How Can You Be Sure?

You work hard for your money so we worked hard to design sliders worthy of your cash. Check out the following features that your Mobtown sliders will have.


List of Features:

  1. 100% Bolt-On Design that Bolts to Frame
  2. 3/16″ Thick Steel Mounting Flange
  3. CNC Laser Cut and Formed
  4. 1-3/4″ Tubing (Option for DOM)
  5. 2″ Sq Tubing Main Rail
  6. Fully Gusseted Joints
  7.  Supplied with All Grade 8 Hardware

Mobtown Offroad rock sliders use Grade 8 hardware to bolt through 5 existing holes in the frame (per side). This is similar to several other bolt-on sliders on the market, but we feel you deserve more. So, we have designed additional attachment methods. See below for more details.

Cool, So They Are Just Like All the Other Bolt-On Sliders?

Not quite, mate. While our sliders do share basic commonalities with most sliders (welded and bolt-on), we have added a few key features that will let you beat the snot out of them.

Cantilever Tube Gusset

The trailing edge of the main 2′ square tube is unsupported on many rock sliders. This means deflection and the risk of damage to your truck. It’s a pain and we curse a lot, but we added it for you. It’s a small price for us to pay to give you the best sliders on the market. Don’t be like ‘Skinny Arm Rob Lowe’, get sliders with a Cantilever Tube Gusset.


The Mobtown C-Clamp

It sounds like an awesome dance, but it’s way better than that. The Mobtown C-Clamp is a system developed for you (your welcome) to securely attach your Mobtown sliders directly to the frame of your truck. A section of the slider flange (size varies based on cab config) will be wrapped (fully boxed) by the C-Clamp system. By fully enclosing the frame with the C-Clamp, your sliders are held tight while also adding a small amount of stiffness to your frame. This is an exclusive feature that only your Mobtown Offroad Bolt-On Rock Sliders will have.

BeamClamp® Engineered Clamps

Another clamping system? Hell yes. We assume you want to bash the hell out of our sliders and we intend to allow you to do it will compromise. BeamClamp® engineered clamps are used to hold I-Beams together in buildings. We brought that strength and holding power to your new sliders. The trailing edge of the main flange has two (2) BeamClamps® , that’s over 12,000 lbs. of pure clamping power holding your new Mobtown Offroad Rock Sliders.

What else?

Many options are available to custom fit your needs. All cab and bed configurations, kickouts, fill plates, DOM tubing, and powder coating are all available. Hit the link to check out the Mobtown Offroad Bolt-On Rock Sliders.