Project MobRunner – 3rd Gen

Mobtown Offroad has a new project vehicle. Check out our new 4Runner.

1996 Toyota 4Runner SR5
3.4L V6 Auto 4×4
176k miles (blown motor)
1 owner
All service records from dealer for life of the truck.
Original window sticker, MSRP $31,800 in 1996!
Only rust on entire truck is rear bumper rotted through in the center.

Paid $700.00

Nice thing about MD is at 20 years or older it can be tagged historic, so I did. Don’t need to worry about inspection or emissions.

Seller sold it with a motor he bought from Craigslist with 120k miles but there is always a chance it is no good. Ill be taking a gamble installing it.

Immediate Plans:
Replace motor (obviously)

Build Plans:
Mobtown Weld On Sliders
Mobtown Front Plate Bumper
Mobtown Rear Plate Bumper w/ Swing Out Tire Carrier
Mobtown Full Skid Plates
2-3″ Lift (Suggestions Appreciated)
33″ Load C Duratrac Tires
Mobtown Roof Rack for RTT

2016-04-10 (2)

And our shop dog has to check it out too.

2016-04-10 (3)

We’ve already ripped the running boards off and deleted the front bumper in preparation for our future modifications.
2016-04-10 (1)2016-04-10

This 4Runner has a blown motor, but it came with a replacement. First, we need to get the motor swapped and get this thing running. We have sliders designed up already! Look for them to hit our shop soon. The front plate bumper is in the design phase. Add a lift in the near future and the MobRunner will be a fun little trail rig.

Longterm, we want to get rid of the IFS and do an SAS. Can’t wait, keep checking back for updates.


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  1. I’d love to get ya’ll to do a rear bumper on my 4th gen… looking forward to seeing this build come along though.

  2. Greetings from Estonia!

    I am an owner of 1996 Toyota 4Runner 3.4L V6 Limited edition (shipped from Canada in 1996 as brand new). For now I have 270 000 km with great pleasure and satisfaction. However, I am doing my off road without proper off road bumpers so far. I see, you have done a nice front bumper for 3Gen T4Runner. Here I got a question – are you ready to make the rear bumper for my car? I see from the project car above, that you have been doing Mobtown Rear Plate Bumper w/ Swing Out Tire Carrier as well (Of course years ago).
    Would you mind answering to my question?

    Best wishes for 2018,

    Andres Kütt from Estonia

  3. I am trying to get it done but it is on the back burner. We have other projects with greater demand in front of this one.

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