Round 1 of Hawaii Group Buy Shipped!!

Only a few people know this, but I am Hawaiian. I don’t look the part, but my great-grandfather is 100% Native Hawaiian. As a family tradition, we all have Hawaiian names on our birth certificates.┬áThis group buy was particularly exciting for me given my connection to the islands.

Now we are wrapping up the first shipment of our 1st Hawaii Group Buy. Eleven customers in Hawaii came together to split the shipping cost so that we could send everything as a bundle. Each person saved approximately $85 in shipping. This crate contains 11 Tailgate Reinforcement Skins, 8 Free Tailgate Reinforcement Caps, and several pairs of Locking Storage Doors. Shipping was by way of LTL Freight to New York where the crate changed hands to DHX. It then traveled by truck to Long Beach, CA. There a boat will ferry it across the Pacific to Hawaii.

We are working on the remaining orders of Mobtown Offroad Bolt-On Rock Sliders. Once complete, they will ship together in a similar manner.

Hope you all enjoy!