Round 1 of Hawaii Group Buy Shipped!!

Only a few people know this, but I am Hawaiian. I don’t look the part, but my great-grandfather is 100% Native Hawaiian. As a family tradition, we all have Hawaiian names on our birth certificates. This group buy was particularly exciting for me given my connection to the islands.

Now we are wrapping up the first shipment of our 1st Hawaii Group Buy. Eleven customers in Hawaii came together to split the shipping cost so that we could send everything as a bundle. Each person saved approximately $85 in shipping. This crate contains 11 Tailgate Reinforcement Skins, 8 Free Tailgate Reinforcement Caps, and several pairs of Locking Storage Doors. Shipping was by way of LTL Freight to New York where the crate changed hands to DHX. It then traveled by truck to Long Beach, CA. There a boat will ferry it across the Pacific to Hawaii.

We are working on the remaining orders of Mobtown Offroad Bolt-On Rock Sliders. Once complete, they will ship together in a similar manner.

Hope you all enjoy!


Mobtown Offroad 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma Rear Plate Bumper

Mobtown Offroad has their design completed and fabrication has started for a rear plate bumper for the 2nd gen Tacoma. We are making one right now so we can work out any little bugs that may come up so the photos here are what we think it’ll be in the end but there may be a minor amount of changes.

The key features of the bumper are:

Outer Shell: 3/16″ CNC Laser Cut and Formed Plate Steel
Shackle Points: 3/4″ CNC Plasma Cut, pass through the bumper and wrapped around 2-1/2″ heavy wall steel tubing for the strongest design on the market to date.
Hitch: Integrated into the bumper which allows the bumper to tie in to it for maximum strength. The hitch is up in the bumper and passes through where the license plate will be so the depature angle is not effected. The hitch will be built from 2-1/2″ heavy wall steel tubing. It also is reinforced in the center with a formed plate and slots for trailer chains.
Attachment: 1/4″ CNC Laser Cut and Formed Plate Steel. Not just a flat, plasma cut plate like most bumpers out there which isn’t the best for side pulls. We added two bends on the plate, one goes under the chassis and bolts into the existing factory weld nuts.
Accessories: High Lift Cutouts, Flip Up License Plate Bracket, will use factory trailer plug and factory license plate lights.

Here are a couple 3D CAD models so you can get a visual. Once we have the prototype done, we will have a sale thread up. Stay Tuned!

Bumper-1 Bumper-2 Bumper-3 Bumper-4

What’s up @ Mobtown Offroad

Tailgate Skins and Caps

Tailgate Reinforcement Skins for 2016 Tacoma are here. Get yours now, while supplies last. Tailgate Caps are still in the works. Stay tuned for those soon.


Bump, Bumper, Bumpest….Bumpers are coming!

Design is complete on Mob Off’s first bumper! We will bring the prototype stage for a 2nd gen Tacoma Rear Plate Bumper. Come back soon for pictures of our work.


Skid Plates

Mob Off is on the verge of releasing IFS skid plates for 2nd and 3rd gen Tacomas. Been on the look out for them on our site. They are already in production. We will add a link for Preorders very soon so you can get yours first.

Project MobRunner – 3rd Gen

Mobtown Offroad has a new project vehicle. Check out our new 4Runner.

1996 Toyota 4Runner SR5
3.4L V6 Auto 4×4
176k miles (blown motor)
1 owner
All service records from dealer for life of the truck.
Original window sticker, MSRP $31,800 in 1996!
Only rust on entire truck is rear bumper rotted through in the center.

Paid $700.00

Nice thing about MD is at 20 years or older it can be tagged historic, so I did. Don’t need to worry about inspection or emissions.

Seller sold it with a motor he bought from Craigslist with 120k miles but there is always a chance it is no good. Ill be taking a gamble installing it.

Immediate Plans:
Replace motor (obviously)

Build Plans:
Mobtown Weld On Sliders
Mobtown Front Plate Bumper
Mobtown Rear Plate Bumper w/ Swing Out Tire Carrier
Mobtown Full Skid Plates
2-3″ Lift (Suggestions Appreciated)
33″ Load C Duratrac Tires
Mobtown Roof Rack for RTT

2016-04-10 (2)

And our shop dog has to check it out too.

2016-04-10 (3)

We’ve already ripped the running boards off and deleted the front bumper in preparation for our future modifications.
2016-04-10 (1)2016-04-10

This 4Runner has a blown motor, but it came with a replacement. First, we need to get the motor swapped and get this thing running. We have sliders designed up already! Look for them to hit our shop soon. The front plate bumper is in the design phase. Add a lift in the near future and the MobRunner will be a fun little trail rig.

Longterm, we want to get rid of the IFS and do an SAS. Can’t wait, keep checking back for updates.

What makes MobOff Bolt-On Sliders the Best?



There has been some confusion associated with Mobtown Offroad’s No Drill Bolt-On Rock Sliders. Some mistakenly think that they are merely running boards that look like rock sliders (faux rock sliders). In this post we will discuss why this misconception is inaccurate and why purchasing bolt-on slider from Mobtown Offroad will make you the coolest person on the trail.

Aren’t These Just Running Boards?

Short story…..Hell No! These are the big, bad rock sliders. They are intended for extreme punishment (they like it rough!).

How Can You Be Sure?

You work hard for your money so we worked hard to design sliders worthy of your cash. Check out the following features that your Mobtown sliders will have.


List of Features:

  1. 100% Bolt-On Design that Bolts to Frame
  2. 3/16″ Thick Steel Mounting Flange
  3. CNC Laser Cut and Formed
  4. 1-3/4″ Tubing (Option for DOM)
  5. 2″ Sq Tubing Main Rail
  6. Fully Gusseted Joints
  7.  Supplied with All Grade 8 Hardware

Mobtown Offroad rock sliders use Grade 8 hardware to bolt through 5 existing holes in the frame (per side). This is similar to several other bolt-on sliders on the market, but we feel you deserve more. So, we have designed additional attachment methods. See below for more details.

Cool, So They Are Just Like All the Other Bolt-On Sliders?

Not quite, mate. While our sliders do share basic commonalities with most sliders (welded and bolt-on), we have added a few key features that will let you beat the snot out of them.

Cantilever Tube Gusset

The trailing edge of the main 2′ square tube is unsupported on many rock sliders. This means deflection and the risk of damage to your truck. It’s a pain and we curse a lot, but we added it for you. It’s a small price for us to pay to give you the best sliders on the market. Don’t be like ‘Skinny Arm Rob Lowe’, get sliders with a Cantilever Tube Gusset.


The Mobtown C-Clamp

It sounds like an awesome dance, but it’s way better than that. The Mobtown C-Clamp is a system developed for you (your welcome) to securely attach your Mobtown sliders directly to the frame of your truck. A section of the slider flange (size varies based on cab config) will be wrapped (fully boxed) by the C-Clamp system. By fully enclosing the frame with the C-Clamp, your sliders are held tight while also adding a small amount of stiffness to your frame. This is an exclusive feature that only your Mobtown Offroad Bolt-On Rock Sliders will have.

BeamClamp® Engineered Clamps

Another clamping system? Hell yes. We assume you want to bash the hell out of our sliders and we intend to allow you to do it will compromise. BeamClamp® engineered clamps are used to hold I-Beams together in buildings. We brought that strength and holding power to your new sliders. The trailing edge of the main flange has two (2) BeamClamps® , that’s over 12,000 lbs. of pure clamping power holding your new Mobtown Offroad Rock Sliders.

What else?

Many options are available to custom fit your needs. All cab and bed configurations, kickouts, fill plates, DOM tubing, and powder coating are all available. Hit the link to check out the Mobtown Offroad Bolt-On Rock Sliders.

Progress Update @ Mobtown HQ, 2-14-2015

Busy, busy, busy over at Mobtown HQ!  Still working on new design ideas, finishing up other designs that have been in the works and welded up a prototype today for our newest creation that we are confident will be a hit.  See the pics with this update for a few sneak previews of the newest hit, final product should be on the site and ready for sale in 2-3 weeks!


2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma Full Bolt On Rock Sliders

No Drill Rock Sliders Are Coming Spring 2015!!

As we all know, the first and second generation Toyota Tacomas are notorious for rust problems in the chassis.  If you’re worried about rust, or worried about welding to the chassis or you simply don’t have the tools or knowledge to weld but can turn a wrench, these are the rock sliders for you.  They’ll take as much abuse as a set that is welded to the chassis.  Our bolt on rock sliders use all existing holes in the chassis and front cross member.  Using all 3/8-16 Grade 8 hardware, they bolt right in place for a clean look.  The rock sliders will come in durable textured black powder coat finish for aesthetics as well as function.  They’ll be offered for any Toyota Tacoma from 2005-2015 model year in regular cab, access cab, double cab short bed and double cab long bed.  Check back on the site often for pictures, pricing and lead times as they’re in the final design stages!

2016 Toyota Tacoma Revealed

Not willing to be beat by Chevrolet, Toyota showed off the redesigned 2016 3rd Generation Tacoma at the Detroit Auto Show.

Unveiled today, during the Detroit Auto Show, the new Tacoma adopts much of the machismo exterior design found on Toyota’s larger, full-size pickup offerings (such as the Tundra and 4Runner). The front end is definitely eye-catching, if not exactly a beauty queen. Then again, pickup truck buyers aren’t usually too worried about turning heads or impressing valets.

Fuel economy is a concern, however, even when today’s gas prices remain so low. Toyota stated that the Tacoma’s available 4 and 6-cylinder engines are more powerful and deliver better economy, though the automaker wasn’t giving specific figures just yet. The base 4-cylinder is available only with a 6-speed automatic, strangely enough. Stepping up to the new Atkinson-cycle, 3.5-liter V-6 nets you a choice of 6-speed auto or manual – usually it’s the base engine that comes with a stick-shift option, but there you go.

Considering the GM pickup truck duo manages 26-mpg during highway driving (with the V-6), you can bet Toyota is eager to match or possibly exceed that mark.

Pricing will likely remain close to the current model, meaning a range of $21,000 to $30,000, depending on trim and options. According to Toyota, roughly 40-percent of Tacoma buyers opt for the more rugged (and pricier) TRD variants. That explains Toyota’s decision to also bring a Tacoma in TRD Off-Road trim onstage here at the Detroit show.

This trim level nets you the Multi-Terrain Select system, which monitors braking and wheel spin based on whether you’re traversing mud, rocks, or sand. A variety of other all-terrain features – like crawl control, hill descent control, and locking rear differential – are also available.

In terms of safety, the Tacoma is now available with Rear Cross Traffic Alert and blind-spot detection system. The cabin has also been improved with higher quality materials and extra sound deadening measures, meant to ensure a quieter, more relaxed ride.

The Detroit show has proven that Toyota isn’t about to release its grip on the lucrative midsize pickup truck market.

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