Swing Out Tire Carrier for 2003 – 2009 Toyota 4Runner Rear Bumper


  • SPECIAL NOTE: This product requires a Mobtown Offroad Bumper to work.  We weld and assemble this product and the bumper all at once and ship the products together.
  • Can carry up to 285/75-16 tire on 4.5″ Backspace Wheel with 6 x 139.7 Bolt Pattern
  • Locks at 90, 120 and 180 degrees


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Your Rear Mobtown Offroad Bumper is a work of art and the only thing to make it better is Mobtown Offroad’s Swing Out Tire Carrier!

Fits all 4th Generation Toyota 4Runners (2003-2009)

    • Swing Out Tire Carrier: The swing out tire carrier can carry up to 285/75-16 tire on 4.5″ Backspace Wheel with 6 x 139.7 Bolt Pattern
    • It is built from 2x2x1/8″ wall steel tubing for the main beam, and the tire carrier is made from 2x2x1/8″ wall steel tubing. The plate that the tire bolts to is 3/8″ thick steel with three stock wheel studs. It is attached to the bumper with our 1/4″ thick steel bracket and uses a 1″ diameter pinion, you are not going to break it! The carrier is held securely to the bumper with a large wing nut.  The swing out opens to a full 180 degrees and locks at 90, 120 and 180 degrees.
    • Weight: 60 lbs for Swingout w/ Tire Carrier, Jerry Can Basket +25 lbs, Rotopak +10 lbs, Hi Lift Attachment +6 lbs (These weights do not include the actual accessory or tire weights)


    SHIPPING NOTE: All swing outs will ship on a pallet with their bumper to a shipping terminal closest to you through common carrier. It can be shipped to a business address if you can provide a loading dock or forklift to unload it.  If you don’t have this option you will have to go to the closest terminal for pickup. We will do our best to minimize the distance to the closest terminal.  Once shipped, we will send you all information needed for you to know where to go to pick up your order and provide a tracking number.

    POWDER COAT NOTE: Powder coating is an (optional) coating that provides a better coverage and durability than sprayed on paint. If powder coating is not ordered, bumpers come bare-metal. Please note, that powder coating is an option and holds no warranty from defects and damages. It will not protect the bumper from scratches, rust, trail damage, street damage or other. bumpers are wrapped and not boxed for shipping. We accept no responsibility for shipping damage. If you are concerned about potential scratches or damage from shipping, please order bare-metal.



Rotopak Attachment (Eliminates Dual 20L Jerry Can Basket)

Yes, No

Dual 20L Jerry Can Basket

Yes, No

Fold Down Table

Yes, No

Powder Coat

Yes, No

Hi Lift Attachment

Yes, No