Frequently Asked Quesiton

1. How are your Rock Sliders shipped?
We use various freight trucking companies to deliver our Rock Sliders. They will be shipped to the closest trucking terminal to you. We will supply a tracking number and you will be able to pick them up from the trucking company.
2. What is DOM and why does Mobtown Offroad use it?
DOM is the name of steel tubing with a special additional process. This final process makes the steel tubing harder, resulting in more dent resistance. We use it as the standard round tubing on all of our sliders.
3. It's been several days, why hasn't my order shipped?
We do our best to get orders out as quick as we can. We only have one person to box and ship orders. That person is also our main engineer/designer, part-time shop helper/fabricator, financial advisor, website developer and bathroom cleaner.